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We work with leading international brands in Business, Higher Education, Tech, Venture Capital and more.

Don't just take our word...

"Nailed it. Each event was 10/10. Brilliantly organised, hosted and executed in every aspect."

Partnerships Director, Venture Capital Firm

"This started as a podcast and has grown into this movement with a significant reputation, all because of the value they create every single day."

Student, Stanford University

"The Curiosity Center helped us understand how investors think and what a great startup should be. It's been magical as a new founder."

Founder & CEO, Leading Tech Company

"We agreed to a trial program thanks to Vidit's persistence on the value available, and are now excited to co-create a new course bringing the best insights, content and leaders from their products."

Head of Marketing, Leading University

"We've partnered with the Curiosity Center, in particular their podcast and events products -- and it has really been amazing for our brand awareness and reach. We've now signed a multi-year agreement and are excited for what's ahead!"

Managing Director, Large Multinational

"The high trust brand and credibility The High Flyers Podcast, The 7-Star live events, and the Association Series Newsletter provides is really special and diverse. We love your work, and thanks for the collaboration."

Chief Operating Officer, Fast Growing Startup

"A high flyer is a title earned based on how you’ve made a difference to someone or something, and not based on a position you hold for a finite period of time."

Vidit Agarwal

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